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TideWe Turkey Vest with Seat

TideWe Turkey Vest with Seat: The Ultimate Solution for Spring Turkey Hunting

If you are looking for the perfect solution for Turkey Hunting this Spring, be sure to check out our Turkey Vests - you will not be disappointed and are positive you’ll have a great hunting experience! Tidewe backs all products with a 1-year warranty for customer satisfaction!
TideWe Turkey Vests: Kickstand and Non-Kickstand Option

TideWe Turkey Vests: Kickstand and Non-Kickstand Options

Learn how to choose the right Tidewe turkey vest for your needs! This post will highlight the differences between the kickstand and non-kickstand versions. Choose the option that best suits your needs and have a successful turkey hunting trip!
the hunter use the rangefinder to search for pests

TideWe Laser Rangefinder HR-F700 Review

Discover why Tidewe rangefinder is a good option for entry-level hunters! This article introduces its strengths by featuring 6x magnification, easy-to-use buttons, a scanning mode, the light weight, and a rechargeable battery. While the LCD may be less visible in low light, it provides great value and is worth a try!

Tidewe Breathable Waders Review by an Avid Hunter

Whether you are a seasoned hunter or someone who is just getting their start, these waders would be a great investment when it comes to your gear. So, if you’re ready to bring your hunting up to the next level and experience more comfort and durability than ever before, get yourself a pair of the Tidewe breathable waders!
TideWe 800g Insulated Hunting Boots

TideWe 800g Insulated Hunting Boots Review

With all of these factors considered, the TideWe 800g Insulated Hunting Boots are one of the more appealing products on the market today when it comes to hunting footwear. These boots are specially designed with an emphasis on exactly what hunters want and need when they are in the field.
a hunter wears TideWe Men’s Heated Hunting Vest and walks on the snowy ground

TideWe Men’s Heated Hunting Vest Review

In this article, we’ll cover the TideWe Men’s Heated Hunting Vest and discuss its many features and benefits to help you decide if this product is something you want to add to your hunting gear arsenal.
TideWe See Through Hunting Blind

See Through Hunting Blind Review From an Avid Hunter

Most hunters don’t consider using hunting blinds in their overall hunting strategy because they are too heavy and bulky and can significantly limit your field of view in the woods. TideWe’s See Through Hunting Blind is a true game-changer when compared to other products as it brings many new advantages to the table without the usual limitations of ground blind hunting.
TideWe Hunting Clothes Review

TideWe Hunting Clothes Review

One may first see this and think, "Hunting clothes are hunting clothes. What else can you say?" However, when we look at TideWe's hunting clothes, there are definite points to make.
the hunter with TideWe Hunting Waders is standing in the water

TideWe Hunting Waders Review

In this article, I’ll give my honest, hands-on review of the TideWe Hunting Waders and discuss some of the features and benefits you can expect to get with this product.
TideWe Heated Vest Review An Honest Look

TideWe Heated Vest Review: An Honest Look

Hunting clothes has evolved a ton since I was a kid, and evolving with them definitely has major advantages. One of those advantages is added comfort and staying warm in frigid weather. TideWe's heated vest is one of those ways you can upgrade your gear to stay warm on those late-season hunts.