Learn More About Hunting Blinds

Why do you need hunting blinds?

Hunting blinds offer a mobile option to become invisible to your game. A ground blind is versatile, offering a more portable means of hunting, which allows the hunter an easy and effective way to use a hunting blind in various situations. Due to the number one predator of most games being humans, a ground blind can conceal you from your game, offering a better solution to traditional ground hunting.

Deer blinds offer hunting solutions when no tree suits a traditional tree stand in a particular desired hunting location. Ground blinds also provide a more mobile fashion of hunting when required, such as on public land. It may be advantageous even in private land further from home and more difficult to access to set up tree stands and create shooting lanes before the hunt. A pop-up blind can offer a quicker means of setting up in an ideal hunting location quickly, requiring little effort.

Portable blinds can be used for a variety of locations and species of game. Whether hunting whitetail deer or turkey in the midwest or on a dream hunt in the west for pronghorn or elk, a ground blind can provide the cover to conceal you and get the job done. Popping up a blind with decoys can be the perfect solution to bag a spring gobbler. Setting a portable blind next to a water hole might provide just what you need to arrow a pronghorn or elk. Whatever you are hunting, a pop-up blind is one of the most versatile means of hunting the game of choice.

Though most are already dressed in camouflage, a pop-up blind can be virtually invisible by utilizing natural vegetation to “brush in” and conceal the blind, making it more natural to the surrounding area. Strategic placement in an area where a back cover might be provided also aids in making you invisible to your game of choice.

In the past, one constriction of a portable blind was not having the visibility offered by other hunting solutions, such as a tree stand. However, technological advances have offered a remedy by introducing see-through blinds, dramatically increasing your field of view yet still making the hunter invisible. TideWe offers a field of view of 270 degrees, the full height of the blind, giving you maximum visibility to catch the site of the upcoming game.

Whatever your passion for hunting is, check out the amazing line of TideWe hunting blinds that might give you the edge you need for a harvest on an upcoming hunt.

Do deer get spooked by blinds?

No, as long as you place your ground blind in an inconspicuous location, deer will not be spooked by them. Our blinds also have brush-in loops that allow you to conceal the blind even better!

Are deer blinds worth it?

Of course, when you cannot find any treestand in your hunting spot, deer blinds can be an enjoyable and entertaining way to chase whitetail! Rather than being in a tree, you are at ground level with them, making it more challenging!

Are hunting blinds effective?

Hunting blinds can be a very effective way of hunting turkeys and sometimes even deer! Our see-through ground blind lets you get a full view of everything outside the blind without being found or caught by animals outside!

How long does it take deer to get used to a blind?

After placing a blind, it can take about three weeks for deer to become used to the object. If well hidden, it could even go unnoticed.