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Are Hunting Blinds Worth It?

Hunting blinds are structures designed to conceal hunters while they wait for game. For most hunters, the benefits of hunting blinds make them a worthwhile investment.  There are many different...
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father's day gift guide

The Ultimate Outdoor Father's Day Gift Guide(2024)

Gift guide for Father's Day focused on outdoor gear and equipment for dads. Also don't miss out the Tidewe's Father's Day sale
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Choosing the Right Hunting Clothing: Camouflage vs. Black Inside a Ground Blind

Should you wear camouflage to blend with nature? Or black to minimize shadows and movement? This in-depth guide breaks down the pros and cons of each option and provides expert strategies like layering camo over black.
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Are Fishing Waders a Necessary Investment?

This guide explores when fishing waders are essential, covering different wader styles and factors like depth, current, temperature and preference for dryness or mobility.
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360 Hunting Blinds or 270 Hunting Blinds? Which Is Better?

360 Hunting Blinds or 270 Hunting Blinds? Which Is Better?

When you are looking to buy a hunting blind, you’ll see that there is often a choice between 360 and 270 blinds. But which is the better option?
the Best Waders for Fly Fishing

Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Best Waders for Fly Fishing

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the diverse world of fly-fishing waders, including their role in the sport, the materials used, key features to consider regarding waders, and, most importantly, recommendations for some of the available top-rated options.
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Five Great Tips for Rut Deer Hunting

There is nothing more exciting for a deer hunter than the rut. It’s like the Super Bowl of the deer hunting woods. We all have heard stories about the woods exploding with deer movement and the fact that anything could happen at any time. While that is all true, there are a few things you can do to better your odds of putting a new buck on the wall during the rut this year.
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Top Three Hunting Christmas Gifts From TideWe

Top Three Hunting Christmas Gifts From TideWe

Do you have a hunter or outdoor enthusiast on your Christmas list this year? If the answer is yes, TideWe has some fantastic offerings for you!
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How to Pick the Best Rangefinder for Hunting

Among the many tools at a hunter's disposal, rangefinders have become indispensable for ensuring accurate and ethical shots, especially for bowhunters. Searching for the best rangefinder for hunting will likely lead most hunters to many of the more popular brands in the outdoor optics industry, but there are some newcomers who are creating products that have become a pleasant surprise when compared to their competition.
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How to Choose the Best Rangefinder for Hunting

Let’s start with the obvious, not all rangefinders are made equal. Just like everything else some companies mass produce them without making a quality product. There are several things to consider when purchasing a rangefinder, here are the top 5.
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The TideWe Ground Blind: The Perfect Blind for this Hunting Season

In this review, I’ll cover all of its features, benefits, and overall thoughts to help you decide if this really is the best ground blind for the money!
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A Comprehensive Guide to Hunting Blinds

Hunting is an age-old tradition that requires skill, patience, and careful planning. One essential tool for a successful hunting expedition is a hunting blind. A hunting blind is a shelter or structure designed to conceal hunters and minimize their visibility to wildlife. This article will explore the benefits of hunting blinds, the available types, and tips for selecting and using them effectively.