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Affiliate Program

What is

Tidewe was founded by hunting experts who are dedicated to manufacturing and designing high quality, affordable hunting products.

Our Mission is to create, innovate and devote ourselves to providing outdoor enthusiasts with a better, more comfortable experience in the field.

We believe that true happiness in life comes from doing what you love. Here at TideWe we LOVE the Outdoors.


Why Join Us Now [Merchant ID# 92895]

  1.  High conversion rate due to high quality branded huntinggear with competitive price. The average order value is over $100.
  2. 10% commission rate on each purchase. If you bring more sales, we will supply additional bonus to you.
  3. 60-day cookie duration.
  4. Regularly updated Text links,banners,Coupon/Deals, Datafeed and promotion newsletter.

Our Membership level :

  • Silver member: 12% commission rate when total commission >$200
  • Gold member: 13% commission rate when total commission >$400
  • Platinum member: 15% commission rate when total commission >$800

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If you have any questions about affiliate program please feel free to contact us:

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