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youth holding turkeys in their hands

Getting Youth Involved in Turkey Hunting

Getting youth involved in hunting is crucial for preserving our outdoor traditions. Turkey hunting offers an exciting and memorable way to spark that passion in young hunters.
2 turkeys walking nearby

Mentoring 101: Helping Beginners Succeed at Turkey Hunting

The article walks through a successful double harvest on May 10, 2023 where Matthews called in a flock of jakes to within 15 yards of his decoy setup for the two first-time hunters. After their thrilling hunt, he showed them how to properly field dress and process their turkeys, passing on his extensive knowledge to the next generation of ethical turkey hunters.
Arizona Coues - Solo Deer Hunt in 2023

Arizona Coues - Solo Deer Hunt in 2023

First of all, what an amazing experience and trip! This was my first time hunting these southern whitetail deer, AKA (Odocoilues virginianus cousi), and what a challenging and rewarding hunt it was.
the hunter sits with his deer just caught

Do Swamps Hold Big Bucks?

The alarm clock goes off at 3:30 AM, the opening day of Buck Firearm with plans to lay down a big ten-pointer. We pull up to the gate of public land, and trucks are parked everywhere. The blaze-orange army of hunters was just trying to feed their families. I knew to have any luck in the world, and I would have to push harder, walk further, climb higher, and go further than anybody else was willing to go.
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