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How to Choose the Best Waders in 2024

Waders can be very useful and necessary depending on the type of hunting you will participate in. Having a pair of waders for hunting can be useful for deep stream or river crossings.

Waterfowl hunting often involves wading through waist-high waters, as do certain types of fishing. Since these water levels may be higher than most rubber boots, choosing a good wader is often a necessity.

Know What's Right for You

Choosing the right type of waders is essential for the environment you will perform most of your hunting.

PVC waders are typically a bit lighter than standard rubber and offer an uninsulated cooler type of wader for warmer water and environmental temperatures. These waders are a lot less bulky for packing in a backpack.

Neoprene waders offer both a softer fit as well as added insulation. Typically, the rubber boot on neoprene waders offers varying installation options for thickness, which gives you a variety of options to choose from for warmth in the dominant climate you most likely will be hunting or


Heated waders provide the option of additional warmth as needed. Turn on the built-in heaters to add extra warmth if you become chilly. Once your desired temperature has been reached, you can simply turn off the heaters. This option is excellent for late-season or early-season hunts or fishing trips when wind and water temperatures are most extreme. Heat is provided by a rechargeable battery, easily removed for recharging after each hunt or fishing trip.

A breathable wader helps you to cool down easier while wearing it. When you become warm, it helps to keep sweat at a minimum to nonexistent. Sweating can result in moisture, which can be a risk of cold or even hypothermic conditions. Choosing a breathable wader can eliminate this problem keeping you both dry and warm throughout the hunt or fishing trip.

What type of waders are the most durable?

Breathable waders will have great durability when it comes to walking through brush and or rocks in the water.

Should you buy waders a size bigger?

Typically you should go one size larger just because you may wear hefty socks under your waders or even heavier undergarments to help keep you warm during cold days. Always think about what you might wear under them before you order.

Do you get hot in waders?

Insulated waders can get warm, but that's what they are meant to do! If you're looking for a pair of waders to wear in the summertime, it is recommended to go with a pair of non-insulated waders.

What to wear under waders?

Insulated pants or sweat pants are a good choice to wear under your waders! These will keep your legs warm and comfortable inside of the waders themselves.

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