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Learn More about Heated Waders

Buyers's Guide for Heated Waders

Hunting and fishing often occur during cold, wet mornings and evenings. Whether you’re wading through a marsh to your duck blind, standing in chest-deep water looking for steelhead, or hunting for ducks in flooded woods, you need a set of waders that keeps you warm and dry. For these icy days, it helps to have heated chest waders. Heated chest waders keep your core toasty warm while also keeping the water out.

Key Features to Consider for Heated Waders

Chest waders must keep the water on the outside and stay dry and warm inside. It is critically important that your waders be waterproof because even a tiny leak can lead to severe problems when you are deep into the water and far from the truck.

The material your waders are made from must stand the test of time. They must be made from durable materials and be built with production practices that guarantee that the seams will be water-tight. Waders must handle the bumps, scrapes, scratches, and abrasions that hunting or fishing often causes.

Not only do the boots need to be comfortable to wear, but they also need to be flexible, have good tread, and be reinforced in the heel and toe for maximum wear resistance.

Why You Should Choose TideWe Heated Waders

TideWe has an extensive line of waders, and their heated waders are designed with the serious hunter or angler in mind. You can select from two models of heated waders, one with heating elements in the legs and chest with 1200-gram Thinsulate insulated boots and the other with only the chest heating element and boots with 800-gram boot insulation.
Either of these waders will serve the Waterfowler or winter angler well and have a generous chest pocket for storing a phone or bits of gear. The design of the waist belt is geared towards those who hunt ducks and geese because it includes holders for up to twelve shotgun shells.

TideWe waders are built with the best materials, and each seam is stitched and sealed with the latest technology so that the water always stays on the outside. The 3.5 mm neoprene is covered in a durable shell that is flexible enough to allow maximum movement freedom.
The boots are sturdy, insulated, and have reinforced toes and heels to keep the water out and your footing sure. The tread is aggressive enough to keep traction in the slipperyest environments but still offers good freedom of movement.

TideWe have provided either wader in the most effective camouflage pattern, which will keep you concealed regardless of the prey you are pursuing.


Heated waders are fantastic for keeping you warm and dry during the coldest times of the year. When it comes to waterfowling or winter fishing, every hunter and angler should have a pair of heated waders ready to go. If you decide that a set of heated waders is in your future, look no further than the TideWe lineup.

What waders keep you warm?

Insulated waders will keep you warm in frigid cold tempatures. However most neoprene and breathable waders inslulated or not are designed to help stay warm. In frigid temps it would be best to look into 1200g or even 1600g insulated thermal waders!