It’s no secret in the hunting community that a good pair of insulated waders will often cost nearly as much as a gun these days. However, TideWe is an up-and-coming brand producing exceptionally good quality waders in recent years for a fraction of the price that other brands cost.

Everyone wants to know the same thing,“Are TideWe Hunting Waders a good product?”

In this article, I’ll give my honest, hands-on review of the TideWe Hunting Waders and discuss some of the features and benefits you can expect to get with this product. Based on the information I’ll provide, you should be able to decide whether you want to give the TideWe Hunting Waders a try or pursue another product. 


TideWe is a relatively new company that was founded in 2017. The company headquarters is located in Wisconsin, where their products are designed, and it’s clear to those who use TideWe products for the first time–this company offers impressive quality products at a price that’s often less than half of what other brands cost.

The TideWe Hunting Waders are designed to function as a pair of waders that keep users warm and dry in various outdoor activities. These chest waders are specially designed for waterfowl hunting and can be purchased in the all-new Realtree MAX5 camo pattern. The TideWe Hunting Waders are also a product that both male and female customers can wear. Depending on their personal needs or preferences, they may order these chest waders in either 600g or 800g neoprene insulation. 

the hunter hangs the ducks he shoots from his waders

Features of TideWe Hunting Waders


The TideWe Hunting Waders offer a surprising amount of toughness and durability compared to other products in the same relative price range. These waders are constructed from 3.5 mm neoprene material on the upper section combined with a poly/jersey shell and stretch liner material for extra flexibility. Each of the edges along the TideWe Hunting Waders is fitted with triple-finished seams that are also glued and taped for added durability.

The TideWe Hunting Waders offer incredible toughness. Hunters and anglers can crouch or move any way they need during their hunt without worrying about these waders splitting apart along the outside edge or in other sections that are typically worn out more easily when it comes to regular use.

I am not always easy on gear, and after ripping through a few briars and kicking my way through some ice in the duck pond, these waders are still holding up well. However, the waders also come with a small repair kit if you do manage to poke a hole in yours. 


One of the most obvious concerns that users have when choosing a pair of hunting or fishing chest waders is the quality of the waterproofing material used in the construction of the product. The TideWe Hunting Waders are made with premium quality material that is actually comparable to some of the more highly sought-after brands on the market today.

The TideWe Hunting Waders feature armor weld, double-stitched, and sealed seams that help prevent leaks from forming, especially in areas where more bending and movement often occurs. Chest waders often develop leaks in the knee sections and along the seating area due to increased movement, stretching, and flexing while in use. TideWe product designers developed these waders based on many hours of research and testing to ensure that customers would not experience the same frustrating leaks and issues that often happen with other budget-friendly chest waders.

The legging portion of the TideWe Hunting Waders is coated with polyurethane material to provide an added layer of waterproofing that will seal water and moisture out and maintain dryness inside the waders. Having used these waders on numerous hunting and fishing trips, I can attest to the outstanding quality they provide when it comes to keeping you dry. I’ve spent upwards of 6 hours at a time duck hunting in flooded timber without ever experiencing one drop of water seeping through the seams or any other part of the TideWe Hunting Waders. 

the hunter with waterproof waders is standing in the lake


Another main concern users have when choosing a pair of affordable chest waders is the warmth they can provide when used in cold water. TideWe offers this product in either 600g or 800g neoprene insulation, which is typically enough material to keep users warm in cold but not frigid conditions.

The 600g neoprene material TideWe Hunting Waders is more favorable for hunters who want to have a slightly lighter feel for hunting or fishing. However, the 800g option is much more ideal for hunting in cold-weather conditions as it will provide an extra amount of insulation that helps maintain your body’s warmth and prevent the typical effects associated with neoprene waders

Rubber Boots

The TideWe Hunting Waders are made with 3M Thinsulate ultra insulation that runs from below the waist downward through the rubber boot. This ensures that your feet won’t be susceptible to getting cold when spending long hours in the duck blind or a cold-water mountain stream fishing for trout. I’ve never had a hunting or fishing trip when these chest waders let me down in terms of warmth in my lower body and feet.

The tread on the TideWe Hunting Waders boots is thick and features a rugged pattern for better traction when walking through muddy terrain, creeks, and rivers. These boots make you feel balanced when standing or walking in or out of water. The TideWe Hunting Waders boots also offer a reinforced shoe vamp along the side and bottoms for added puncture protection.

I’ve found the tread on the TideWe Hunting Waders to be more than adequate for gaining my footing when going uphill along wet or muddy areas. Taking these waders off is also no problem, thanks to the protruding rubber curves positioned on each heel that make it possible to kick your feet out of each boot quickly and easily. 

Adjustability and Features

One of the major concerns that users often have when it comes to a good pair of chest waders for waterfowl hunting or fishing is adjustability and getting a comfortable fit. The TideWe Hunting Waders allows users to adjust each shoulder strap to fit just right. The shoulder section on each suspender strap is padded to allow extra comfort instead of having the strap dig into your shoulders as you walk.

The TideWe Hunting Waders also feature a user-friendly design with a quick-drain chest hand-warmer pocket that you can slip your hands into when you need to keep warm and dry. Below this pocket is a shell pouch with six shotgun shell loops or easy shell storage that allows you to quickly reload when time is of the essence. 

the hunters wear insulated waders in cold weather


You can also use the belt to tighten the waistline as much as needed and keep water from making its way into your waders if you slip or go under. The TideWe Hunting Waders also come with a waterproof pouch and lanyard that easily fits any standard-size cell phone and keeps contents completely dry while hunting or fishing.

Each order of the waders contains extra repair materials if you get a hole or tear in the waders. This includes extra camo cloth and glue that can easily be cut to size and glued on to quickly repair any damage. 


The TideWe Hunting Waders are an incredible deal that will have much of the same fit and performance you might expect in a product that costs significantly more. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly product for your hunting and fishing adventures, the TideWe Hunting Waders are a great choice that will out-match the competition and provide you with all the features and capabilities you need in the field. So far, my pair haven’t let me down, and I will be using them again this upcoming season!


Patrick Long

Patrick Long

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