One may first see this and think, "Hunting clothes are hunting clothes. What else can you say?" However, when we look at TideWe's hunting clothes, there are definite points to make.

The Unboxing of TideWe Hunting Clothes

Right out of the box, my first impression of both pants and jacket was the toughness and quality that I've often associated with big-name, high-dollar brands that I have been unwilling to pay the price to own. Finally, a brand willing to not sacrifice quality at a price affordable to the average hunter! With all of the expenses that go along with hunting, the average hunter like me has to be picky in choosing the right gear, with the right quality that will last, at the right price. Hunting clothes is one area in which I have refused to pay the price of high-end brands. I'm not saying they are not good quality, but for the average hunter, most high-end brands were designed for a ruggedness that average hunters don't need. Yes, I will one day pay the price for some good, lightweight clothing when gearing up for a western elk hunt. But until that day arrives, there is no need for the investment into high-end clothing where an individual is forking out over $150 - just for a pair of pants! Now, thanks to TideWe, you don't have to! You can get the same quality at a very affordable price!  

The Unboxing of TideWe Hunting Clothes
The quality of the TideWe Hunting Clothes is comparable to high-end brands.

Characteristics of TideWe Hunting Clothes


TideWe hunting clothes have a comfort level you would expect to find in high-end clothing.

True-to-size is a very important factor since most of us do our fair share of shopping online, making purchases without trying them on.

The adjustable cuffs ensure a good fit in the coat, while the belt loops also provide a great fit for the pants by adding any standard-size belt.

I found the outer shell of the clothes to be sheer - enabling you to keep stickers and weed seeds from being picked up when out in the field - yet quiet. Often, with the sheerness of inexpensive clothing comes noise. This was not the case with the TideWe hunting clothes. That in itself was something that caused these clothes to stand out from other brands at this price point. 

adjustable cuffs
The adjustable cuffs are a welcoming addition to ensure a tight fit, keeping sleeves in place and the elements out.


Along with the comfort, TideWe clothing also sheds water at an amazing rate, keeping me dry should I get caught in an unexpected shower or a trip to the blind to catch that buck moving right after a rain.

Warm but not bulky

The TideWe hunting clothes were surprisingly warm without the bulkiness often accompanying inexpensive brands at the same price point. Which is a selling feature found only in higher-priced brands, in my experience. These clothes are definitely something that can get you through much of the fall and early winter hunting season with no worries about getting cold. Coupled with a heated vest layered inside, I would see no problem with the capability of these clothes to get me through a full season of hunting in the Ozarks and other sub-zero climates. 

Pockets of the hunting clothes
TideWe jacket gives quick access to your rangefinder with a magnetic pocket and bungee attachment cord.

Useful with plenty of pockets

The hunting clothes have a wide range of pockets, enabling you to keep useful hunting gear, such as range finder, calls, and the like, close to you with easy access at all times. Something that other clothes often lack at the price point the TideWe hunting clothes come in. 


Overall, the TideWe hunting clothes are a major contender, not just at their comparable price advantage, but also to other high-end brands. Check out TideWe Hunting Clothes on or as you prepare for the season.


Kevin Ranfeld

Kevin Ranfeld

Kevin Ranfeld is both pastor and outdoor enthusiast who resides in the Ozarks area with his wife, Lori. Kevin co-founded an outdoors ministry called Hit the Mark, specializing in introducing young people to the outdoors to experience creation and the Creator who made it all. Hit the Mark has also partnered with a nationwide youth archery summer camp program, Raised at Full Draw, to bring an archery camp to the Ozarks region. You can find more about Kevin, Raised at Full Draw, and Hit the Mark by visiting their Facebook page, Instagram, or YouTube channel.

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September 25, 2023 — Kevin Ranfeld


dennis Rennecker said:

Boufht hunting suit that was a large. I could not get into it. Way too small and I want to return for larger size. Hope extra large will not be too small

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