Staying warm when you’re in the outdoors is key to your performance when it comes to hunting or other activities. Many outdoor clothing manufacturers have developed various kinds of heat-insulated fabrics that help seal in warmth and prevent users from getting too cold to successfully shoot and harvest the game animal they’re after.

In this article, we’ll cover the TideWe Men’s Heated Hunting Vest and discuss its many features and benefits to help you decide if this product is something you want to add to your hunting gear arsenal. 

TideWe Men’s Heated Hunting Vest Overview

The TideWe Men’s Heated Hunting Vest operates using a battery pack that works to heat the vest in the front near the bottom, as well as the back at the top section. This heated vest helps users stay extra warm, even when hunting in frigid temperatures that are well below freezing. The vest has four specific heating chambers, with one on each side of the front lower section that allows users to place their hands inside the vest’s pockets, as well as another that helps maintain your overall body heat across your shoulder blade area. 


The vest comes with a remote which allows users to set the heating level that they feel most comfortable with. TideWe’s Heated Hunting Vest features three different heat selections that make it possible for hunters to lower or raise the vest’s electronic heat however they choose. The vest is made with high polyester lining, which helps keep the heat pack areas from becoming too hot. The rest of the TideWe Men’s Heated Hunting Vest is made of fleece material, which is ideal for any outdoor occasion. 

Heated Hunting Vest with Cozy-4 Heating Zones

The vest features four different heating zones that all combine to help users maintain their core body temperature despite being outside in extreme cold. Each Cozy-4 heating chamber is specifically placed to provide users with the right level of heat in specific areas where our bodies often release the most heat, which usually causes us to lose vital heat that we need to maintain a comfortable temperature underneath our clothing. 


One of the most common areas of the body to lose blood circulation (and heat) first is our hands and feet. Assuming the user is wearing properly insulated boots or other footwear, the TideWe Men’s Heated Hunting Vest provides ideal hand placement inside the front lower warming chambers where hand pockets are conveniently located. 


This makes it possible for you to place your hands inside the vest’s pockets and adjust the heat to an ideal level to maintain blood flow and heat in your hands. Every hunter knows that keeping your hands warm is essential to your overall performance in the outdoors. Having cold, stiff hands makes it extremely difficult to take an accurate shot with firearms or archery equipment. Keeping your hands warm and cozy with the TideWe Men’s Heated Hunting Vest lets you stay warm and comfortable until you have to remove your hands to prepare for the shot. 

Smart Temperature Control in Heated Hunting Vest

Most other brands that offer heated vests or jackets typically have just one heat setting. This setting can often become too hot or not hot enough in many different scenarios, leaving the user very little control over how warm they want their body and hands to be when enjoying outdoor activities. The Smart Temperature Control on the TideWe Men’s Heated Hunting Vest features three adjustable heat settings, which can be changed with the push of a button.

The light on the Smart Temperature Control device changes colors to indicate which heat level setting you’re currently using. Blue indicates the lowest setting, and white means the temperature is on the ‘medium’ setting. Users will quickly be able to discern when the vest is set to ‘high’ heat as this light will be red.

This Smart Temperature Control device can be stored inside a pocket on the front upper left section of each TideWe Men’s Heated Hunting Vest. This easy-to-access pocket allows you to quickly and easily reach the device and adjust the heat setting without making too much movement, which is incredibly useful for hunters who must remain as still as possible in order to not scare away game animals. 

Battery Life of Heated Hunting Vest

One of the most common questions associated with the TideWe Men’s Heated Hunting Vest is in regards to battery life. How long will the battery last, especially in freezing-cold outdoor situations? 


Each vest and battery pack is designed to last up to 10 working hours in any situation. This should be more than enough time for most hunters to sit and hunt in frigid conditions. Of course, the vest can be powered ‘off’ in order to conserve battery power, which allows users to extend the length of time they can use the vest while hunting or taking part in any other outdoor activity. The 10 working hours are based on continuous use of the TideWe Men’s Heated Hunting Vest at the ‘low’ heat setting. 


Each vest’s battery pack is rechargeable and can be fully charged in roughly 3 to 4 hours. When the battery is placed on ‘quick charge,’ the vest can charge to a usable level within just two hours, but this quick charge setting will not provide 10 hours of continuous battery use. The vest can be used continuously for about 5.5 hours when set on the ‘medium’ heat level and offers 3 hours of continuous use when set on the ‘high’ setting. 


This ‘low’ power setting typically reaches only 100 degrees Fahrenheit, while the ‘medium’ is capable of reaching 113 degrees. The ‘high’ power setting makes it possible for the vest to reach temperatures of up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit and should only be used in extreme conditions to maintain optimal warmth. Once the temperature reaches beyond 131 degrees, the battery pack will automatically shut off as a means of preventing burns to the user. 


Each battery pack comes with 2 USB chargers and can be charged using any standard USB charge port. 

Fabric of Heated Hunting Vest

Each of the TideWe Heated Hunting Clothing is made of high-quality fleece lining material that helps lock in body heat and maintain your overall body warmth without losing heat. This fleece material is somewhat breathable, which also helps to prevent users from sweating and risking the potential for hypothermia in most situations. The pockets on each front lower section are lined with high-quality polyester material that is ideal for sealing in warmth and preventing the user’s hands from getting too hot inside the heated pockets.

The exterior of the TideWe Men’s Heated Hunting Vest is crafted with the same high-quality polyester fabric that locks in heat while also providing great durability at the same time. This polyester fabric is great for use in rugged outdoor conditions as the vest is less likely to develop rips and tears that will decrease its ability to maintain body heat. 

Ideal for Warmth in the Outdoors

The TideWe Men’s Heated Hunting Vest is perfect for just about any outdoor occasion, as well as frigid indoor use. This vest can be worn by anyone who works inside a climate-controlled environment, such as freezers or outdoor settings that expose users to extreme cold conditions for extended periods.

You can feel comfortable and stylish wearing the TideWe Men’s Heated Hunting Vest, as the brand offers this product in both camo patterns as well as a solid black coloring that is more appropriate for workwear or casual attire for hockey games and other activities.

The TideWe Men’s Heated Hunting Vest provides the perfect alternative for users who want the assurance that their gear will keep them warm in the field. The vest is made with high-quality fabric and long-lasting battery life to keep you warm and allow you to focus on the hunt. 


Patrick Long

Patrick Long

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