Having a good pair of insulated hunting boots can truly make or break your hunting experience in the wild. As many hunters know, once your feet get cold, it's incredibly difficult to stay warm and comfortable, regardless of the amount of extra layers you have on your upper body or legs. Wet and cold feet could ruin your joys of hunting exploration.   

TideWe's 800g Insulated Hunting Boots are quickly becoming one of the most popular products among serious hunters for a number of reasons. These boots have a reputation for outperforming the competition in various categories, and they also come at a price that is affordable for the average hunter.   

Today, we'll review the TideWe 800g Insulated Hunting Boots and discuss some of the best features and characteristics these boots have in comparison to other brands and similar products. 


The TideWe 800g Insulated Hunting Boots are made with high-quality materials and constructed in a way that seals out cold air while keeping your feet at a comfortable, consistently warm temperature.   

The TideWe Insulated Hunting Boots are made with 800-gram insulation, which helps prevent radiated body heat from escaping through the fabric of the boots or the seams where the soles and other parts are held together. These boots are made with 7mm neoprene material that's meant to retain heat better than most other hunting boot brands on the market today.   

With this level of insulation and heat retention, the TideWe 800g Insulated Hunting Boots are capable of allowing hunters to remain comfortable in temperatures as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit or -45 degrees Celsius. In addition to this ability, the TideWe Insulated Hunting Boots are also made to be 100 percent waterproof at all times. 

a hunter with TideWe 800g Insulated Hunting Boots is walking on the snowy road


The TideWe 800g Insulated Hunting Boots are crafted with a functional design that's intended to perform in rugged environments. The upper section of these boots is made with neoprene material that is fully waterproof and capable of sealing in heat so that it doesn't escape. This neoprene is flexible and won't become stiff in extreme cold like some rubber material is known to do.   

The insulation material of the TideWe Hunting Boots is created with 800-gram 3M Thinsulate Ultra material. This is an exceptional quality material that makes it possible for your feet to remain warm and dry without a great deal of extra weight.   

The insulation works to keep your feet warm without adding excessive bulk, allowing for a solid fit and plenty of comfort when it comes to movement in the field. The TideWe 800g Insulated Hunting Boots are made with a reinforced rubber toe cap, as well as a sturdy rubber sole. 


There is no denying the fact that comfort is key when discussing a good pair of hunting boots. Many manufacturers of hunting boots know that users typically select products that won't require being "broken-in" by the hunter before they begin to enjoy optimal levels of comfort. TideWe have crafted these boots with comfort at the forefront of their minds, and it is clear to everyone who wears them for any length of time.   

The soft neoprene upper portion helps to fit and conform to your calves and lower leg in a way that won't rub against your skin and cause blisters if you are wearing thin socks. This neoprene material is also made to stretch and flex your leg, which helps you avoid those common blisters on your lower calves.   

On the back of each boot's upper section is an adjustable back gusset that features a cinch strap. This allows hunters to tighten or loosen this strap as needed to fit their legs. Having a loose boot will obviously lead to heat escaping much more rapidly, leading to cold feet in extreme conditions. Additionally, the TideWe 800g Insulated Hunting Boots feature a moisture-wicking inner lining that effectively manages sweat to keep your feet dry and comfortable. 


wearing TideWe 800g Insulated Hunting Boots to keep warm in the snow

The TideWe 800g Insulated Hunting Boots offer exceptional warmth compared to other hunting boots that are sold at the same price range in many outdoor retailers and online markets. The 3M Thinsulate Ultra insulation material is unlike the more traditional, thick, and heavy substance that boot manufacturers have relied on for decades to keep hunters' feet warm and dry.   

The brand boasts that these boots are rated for temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit or -10 degrees Celsius. The TideWe Insulated Hunting Boots are fully capable of keeping your feet warm throughout the day when hunting in freezing or even sub-zero conditions. In addition to wearing the TideWe 800g Insulated Hunting Boots throughout the frigid winter months, these boots are also great for mild temperatures during the early spring. 


The TIDEWE 800g Insulated Hunting Boots are built to withstand the rigors of extreme conditions in the wilderness. These boots offer a neoprene upper, and rubber soles are both very resistant to abrasion and also provide excellent protection against sharp objects or anything else you might encounter in the wild.   

The reinforced rubber toe cap helps protect the front of the boot, which is known to wear out long before any other part of the boot usually does. This toe cap helps guard against consistent impacts with rocks and debris. The boots' construction is solid and unyielding, and there have been no reports of the seams splitting or the insulation material coming apart inside the boot.   

The soles feature deep, forward-moving treads that provide outstanding traction on just about any type of surface. These boots have been thoroughly tested in everything from mud and snow to slippery rocks. 

Scent Control

 TIDEWE 800g Insulated Hunting Boots with scent control

Another major concern for many big game hunters is a boot's ability to control their body scent. Our feet are often one of the strongest-smelling parts of our body, and we can unknowingly leave behind scent by wearing poor-quality boots. TideWe is one of the brands in the hunting industry that is taking extra steps to ensure that your scent stays at a minimum while you are making your way through the woods.   

One of the features that help control your scent is a removable, anti-odor insole. This is a significant advantage for maintaining freshness during extended hunting trips, as you can remove the insole and allow it to dry. Many hunters choose to spray these insoles with scent control spray before allowing them to fully dry as an added measure. 


With all of these factors considered, the TideWe 800g Insulated Hunting Boots are one of the more appealing products on the market today when it comes to hunting footwear. These boots are specially designed with an emphasis on exactly what hunters want and need when they are in the field. The design and functionality of these boots are well-thought-out and have obviously been rigorously tested by myself and other experts. The TideWe 800g Insulated Hunting Boots are perfect for hunters or anyone looking for a reliable, long-lasting pair of boots for all kinds of outdoor activities. 


Patrick Long

Patrick Long

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November 13, 2023 — Patrick Long

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