Hunting clothes has evolved a ton since I was a kid, and evolving with them definitely has major advantages. One of those advantages is added comfort and staying warm in frigid weather. TideWe's heated vest is one of those ways you can upgrade your gear to stay warm on those late-season hunts.

The Unboxing of the Heated Vest

Upon unboxing the TideWe Heated Vest, as always with TideWe, the vest came well packaged. I was impressed by the quality of design that went into the vest. It was light, not too thick and bulky, and attractive. The versatile color option of both camo and black makes it something that I could not only wear hunting but also to other casual outdoor events.

When trying on the vest, I found it to fit very well. It was true to size and very comfortable. The vest felt warm yet not too bulky.

With plenty of storage pockets, this has enough storage for the battery powering the heater, a range finder, a phone, or even additional devices that can be both stored and charged. 

Heating and Battery System

The vest is equipped with an easy-to-access button to turn on the heat, with the ability to select different heating levels for just the right comfort and warmth. The button displays a different color to signify whether the current heating level is low, medium, or high, making it simple to tell which heating level is active.

Heater select button on the heated vest
The vest is equipped with an easily accessible button that turns the heater on and off, and you can select the level of heat you wish for added comfort and warmth with a low-medium-high selection.

The battery used to power the heater is built into the vest and is very easy to access for recharging. The battery has a very convenient digital LED display that tells you how much life the battery has left. The battery can also double as a charger for your phone or other devices. The convenient pockets can store your devices while they are being charged.

Battery of the heated vest
The TideWe Heated Vest has an easy-to-access and easy-to-charge battery that doubles as a charging station for your phone or other devices. 

I also enjoy the rechargeable battery feature with an easy and versatile USB-C cable for recharging. With the clear view of the battery charge level displayed, I found it easy to recharge the battery when returning to the truck after the hunt by plugging it into a DC-to-AC charger. This was a charger that I had on hand for charging my phone. Being able to charge this way helps ensure that the battery is charged and ready for the next hunt.

Highly Useful in Late-Season Hunts

The TideWe Heated Vest is useful in fall hunts and late-season hunts because the area I hunt is not immune to frigid-cold temperatures. Simply layering the vest under another coat can help insulate and lock in the heat from this coat to provide added protection against the cold. With the heating elements in front, on your back, and your neck, the vest helps keep your core warm. When my core is warm, my feet and hands stay warmer longer when exposed to the elements. 


In summary, the TideWe Heated Vest is an advancement in technology worth checking out. Added to your arsenal, it can keep you out there longer, giving you an added advantage to bagging your game on your hunt.


Kevin Ranfeld

Kevin Ranfeld

Kevin Ranfeld is both a pastor and outdoor enthusiast who resides in the Ozarks area with his wife, Lori. Kevin co-founded an outdoors ministry called Hit the Mark, specializing in introducing young people to the outdoors to experience creation and the Creator who made it all. Hit the Mark has also partnered with a nationwide youth archery summer camp program, Raised at Full Draw, to bring an archery camp to the Ozarks region. You can find more about Kevin, Raised at Full Draw, and Hit the Mark by visiting their Facebook page, Instagram, or YouTube channel.


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September 15, 2023 — Kevin Ranfeld

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