Turkey vests have greatly changed since I started turkey hunting in the early 2000s. When I was finally old enough in Minnesota, it used to be 12 years old, to start hunting turkeys; my dad and I got matching vests from our local Walmart, and man, was I pumped. There were few pockets, but I thought,"Now I am a real turkey hunter!" Now, after looking over both of the models available from TideWe, I can see that the advancement of vests has come a long way in the last 20 years.

Take my Turkey vest and my grandpa
This is my grandpa's gun for hunting turkeys. At that time, there were few pockets and now turkey vests have changed greatly.

TideWe offers two different model vests: one having a removable kickstand and one that does not. Both are great for certain scenarios while in the spring turkey woods. Let's start with the Kickstand incorporated model.

Tidewe Turkey Vest with a Kickstand

Picture yourself running and gunning through the woods or field, and then out of the blue, a bird gobbles close. It would be best if you scrambled to find a spot to set up, but there aren't any large trees to lean against. Problem solved with the foldable Kickstand in the back of your vest. Flip it out and adjust it to your desired height, and you have a comfortably supported backrest ready to wait out the approaching bird. It's a great option if you hunt the type of terrain that doesn't offer bigger trees or other structures that allow you to lean against for support. It's also very durable as the legs support my 6'3" and 300lb frame. At first, I was a little skeptical because of my size, but those worries quickly disappeared. Another nice aspect is that if you take the vest off, you can deploy the Kickstand, which will stay upright without falling over into a ball.

Tidewe Turkey Vest with Kickstand on the grasslands
This is a picture of Tidewe Turkey Vest with Kickstand, which allows you to lean against for support if there is no big trees or other structures in the hunting area. 

Tidewe Turkey Vest without Kickstand

Now what about the vest that doesn't have the kickstand capabilities? Why would someone use this over the other? Well, here in Wisconsin, I primarily hunt hardwoods, timber, and some field edges. I never worry about a lack of large trees to sit next to; therefore, the non-kickstand version works better for me. I also like that this version is a little lighter. Having the least weight you can while running and gunning is just that much more of an advantage against those weary gobblers.

Tidewe Turkey Vest with non-Kickstand on the grasslands
This is the non-Kickstand version, which is lighter. That is a great advantage against weary gobblers. 

Turkey Vest Options

These vests have similar benefits, and if you want one of the most comfortable seat pads available, look no further. Along with pockets for all of your gear and then some! If you are unsure which model is right for you, another option would be to get one that allows for the Kickstand but can remove the Kickstand when you don't think it will be needed. I have had the kickstand version for a few years now and have yet to keep the Kickstand in, but again, I don't have the need where I hunt. I hope to plan a few trips out west in the coming years, and I think the Kickstand could be a big help if I encounter some areas where trees are sparse or smaller.

If you are a mobile-style bowhunter, I think the Kickstand would be a great offering to sit comfortably and for long periods if needed. Having the vest and deployed Kickstand before the season would also give you plenty of time to practice while wearing it so you have reps and can work on some muscle memory that will help build the confidence needed to make the shot count.

I don't think you can go wrong with either vest. The number of pockets and storage they offer is second to none. I have been able to keep all my normal gear and then add some items that I normally wouldn't have as well. The back pocket is great for a decoy or, if successful, your bird! Check them out and pick from the TrueTimber Strata or TrueTimber Htc Green. Both are great colour options for any type of terrain you are hunting.


Brian Cote

Brian Cote

My name is Brian Cote, and I am originally from Stillwater, MN. I am a father of two young girls and have been married for going on five years to a very understanding wife during the hunting seasons. I have been involved in the outdoors since I could walk and haven’t looked back. I enjoy all kinds of hunting and fishing, but my true passion is chasing Turkeys. I also really enjoy cooking and coming up with new wild game recipes whenever I am successful.


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January 31, 2024 — Brian Cote

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