Just getting into Turkey hunting and need some tips on hunting these birds from the ground? In this blog I will go through some tips and tricks I used learning how to hunt these sometimes tricky birds. My favorite way to target turkeys is with a ground blind and TideWe offers the perfect set-up to help with your success! If you haven’t ever hunted turkeys maybe this article can change your mind about how to hunt turkeys, because it is a ton of fun!

Tip 1: Stay Hidden

Turkeys have extremely good eye sight and trust me, you will figure this out the hard way if you’re not careful. Remaining hidden or unseen from a turkeys eye will make your hunts that much more enjoyable simply because they will stay within range. Spooking a turkey will end your hunt in a hurry and tear down your confidence to stay out there and keep trying. Using a ground blind is one of the easiest ways to keep your movement hidden from a turkey. In fact, TideWe offers an awesome See Through Hunting Blind that allows you to see 270 degrees around the blind without the turkeys being able to see in the blind. This is possible with the See-Through Mesh design TideWe uses on the blind to get this effect. This makes movement much more acceptable as the turkeys simply just can’t see you, making your harvest much easier.

Tip 2: Wear Dark Clothing

Don’t get caught up wearing bring or colored clothes in the blind when you’re hunting turkeys. This type of clothing can make it easier for a turkey to pick up movement through windows you may have open in the blind. You want to keep the environment in the blind dark and try your best to match the black screen behind you. Always be sure to keep windows behind you closed that way you don’t get any type of shadow effect that turkeys would be able to see. Black or brown camo hunting clothing is always a good option when hunting out of a ground blind.

the hunter wears dark clothing to hunter Turkey

Tip 3: Set Up Weeks Prior

Make sure you are prepared for your turkey season. Don’t go out and set up a ground blind the night before your season opens, this will certainly question birds and possibly spook them from your set up. You want these birds to be comfortable with their environment and placing a foreign object in their territory can cause problems. Setting your blind up a week or two in advanced will give them time to adjust and become comfortable with your blind making it much easier to hunt and call them to you. TideWe’s blind can handle various types of weather and leaving it outside for months on end will do the blind no harm at all. BE PREPARED!

Tip 4: Light on The Calls

Over-calling is a thing and if you don’t sound realistic the turkeys simply won’t listen to you. You want to sound as close to the real thing as possible and if you’ve every listened to a hen turkey in the woods they certainly are not ear wrenching. No matter what kind of call you are using keep those clucks and purrs nice and soft, trust me the Toms will hear it. As the Tom’s gobble to your call just lightly call back every 5-10 min until you notice them getting closer. Once you are sure those Tom’s are coming, you can let off the calls and wait. Soon you’ll have an opportunity to harvest a Spring Tom as he comes strutting into your decoy.


Hunting from a ground blind is such an awesome experience because you are at ground level. Everything is louder and closer making the experience just that much better. Try out these tips next time you are gearing up for a turkey hunt in the Spring and they may just help you harvest your next bird. Take advantage of TideWe’s awesome deals on See Through Blinds as these blinds give you the fullest experience possible. Last Spring I was able to harvest a turkey out of the TideWe see through blind and truthfully, a turkey hunt has never been easier! Good luck out there in the woods! Stay safe, shoot straight and keep living your passion!

a hunter sits in the see-through hunting blind


Cody Solberg

Cody Solberg

Marketing Specialist at TideWe, Brand Ambassador at Salmo and Content Creator at GoFish Cam


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January 31, 2024 — Cody Solberg
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