Do you have a hunter or outdoor enthusiast on your Christmas list this year? If the answer is yes, TideWe has some fantastic offerings for you! TideWe is committed to ensuring everyone is warm, comfortable, and has the latest tech in the great outdoors! I, myself, am an avid outdoorsman and a firm believer in the products TideWe has to offer. They have helped me on countless occasions enjoy my time in the outdoors even more! Here are my top three hunting Christmas gifts you should pick up for the outdoors person on your list! 

The First Hunting Christmas Gift from TideWe-Mini Rangefinder

The First Christmas Gift from TideWe-Mini Rangefinder

 Every hunter should have a rangefinder on them when they are in the woods. It comes in handy for both bow and firearm hunters alike. When you are set up in your stand or blind, you are able to mark objects such as trees, field edges, rocks, or fences. Knowing distances to objects provides the hunter with vital information to help them make an accurate shot when their target animal appears.   

One of the many great features of the Mini Rangefinder is the scanning feature. You are able to hold down the button and scan your surroundings. The range value will provide accurate, instant feedback on the yardage of the objects you scan. This also works great if you are scanning a moving deer. You can hold the rangefinder on the deer and track its distance as it comes in. The Mini Rangefinder is light, compact, and durable! It is easily able to be operated with one hand. It is also built with ergonomics to fit comfortably in your hand. 

The outer body is built with a comfortable grip and an aluminum alloy housing that provides both durability and weather resistance. The small size of the Mini Rangefinder not only makes it easy and comfortable to use but it also makes it nice and lightweight to carry with you. The Mini Rangefinder offers 6x magnification and is able to range targets from 3-875 yards. The almost instantaneous feedback on the easy-to-read LCD display has an accuracy rating of +/- 1 yard.  

The Second Hunting Christmas Gift from TideWe-Heated Fleece Jacket

5The Second Christmas Gift from TideWe-Heated Fleece Jacket

Chilly weather and fleece go hand in hand! Fleece is a cozy, comfortable, and versatile fabric that is a staple that everyone is familiar with. TideWe has taken that staple and upped the ante! They have added heating elements to their Fleece Jacket. The heating elements are located on the chest and upper back. They are strategically placed so as not to inhibit any movement. 

The jacket has three heat settings, allowing the wearer to dial into their exact comfort level. The run time of the jacket is up to 10 hours with the included battery, giving the user all-day warmth and comfort! The fleece material used for this jacket is warm, durable, soft, breathable, and silent! All these features will appeal to both the hunter and outdoors person. The jacket can be machine washed as well for convenience! The jacket comes in both solid black and camo, ensuring there is a look that will appeal to everyone! This jacket will become a staple for all your cold-weather outdoor activities or chilly sporting events you attend! 

The Third Hunting Christmas Gift from TideWe-Heated Vest

8The Third Christmas Gift from TideWe-Heated Vest

This last item is a two-for-one bonus! TideWe offers two styles of heated vests, hooded and non-hooded. This appeals to all crowds because so many people love hoods, and so many hate them! Now everyone can be happy! A vest is one of the most versatile pieces in my outdoor apparel kit. When the weather is chilly or cold, I always have a vest with me in the woods or on the water or ice. You can use it as a piece to your layering system and have it close to your core, or you can use it as your outermost layer to keep your core warm yet fully move your arms. The non-hooded vest offers four heating zones. The lower front right pocket, lower front left pocket, upper back, and neck. The hooded version offers six heating zones: 

  • The lower front right pocket 
  • The lower front left pocket 
  • The upper back 
  • The neck 
  • The left side of the hood 
  • The right side of the hood 

Both vests offer three heat settings and up to a 10-hour run time on the included battery. Both vests also come in both black and camo colors. 

These are three of my favorite and most used products from TideWe, but they offer so much more! If you have anyone on your list who hunts or loves the outdoors, TideWe will have something to make their time in the great outdoors more enjoyable. If you are in need of a hunting blind, heated clothing, a rangefinder, waders, or other accessories, check out and take care of all of your Christmas shopping in one convenient stop! 


Cole Karsky

Cole Karsky

Cole Karsky is an avid outdoorsman who chronicles his adventures on the water and in the field on his YouTube channel, Beef Outdoors.


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December 20, 2023 — Cole Karsky

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