Let’s start with the obvious, not all rangefinders are made equal. Just like everything else some companies mass produce them without making a quality product. There are several things to consider when purchasing a rangefinder, here are the top 5.

#1 Rangefinder Display

One of the most important things to consider is — the rangefinder display.  

When looking through a rangefinder whether you’re chasing big bucks or measuring distance on the golf course, you want a crisp and clear display. You want one that has a colored display especially when hunting. This is a great feature for first and last light and even when ranging against a dark background. 

tidewe rangeFinder OLED VS LCD display

Also, look for one with magnification. This is perfect for getting the exact measurement to the hole or animal. Nobody wants to come up short in front of their buddies on a par 3 or sling an arrow under a 10 point buck, right?

tidewe rangeFinder clear display with 6X magnification

#2 Rangefinder Accuracy

The next thing you should consider is accuracy.

I like to look for one that is fast, accurate, and has an angle compensation feature. The angle compensation feature is important, especially when hunting out of a tree. It helps to compensate for the angle of the shot, so you can be sure to shoot the correct yardage.

3 modes of tidewe rangefinder

The speed is also an important feature. You want one that can give you split second readings. There is nothing harder than trying to range a buck on the move and knowing the exact yardage will give you a leg up!

#3 The Design

The third thing you should consider is the design.  

I want one that is simple to use and has very few buttons to make it function. I have always been a believer that less is best and when it comes to rangefinders this is exactly what I am looking for.

tidewe rangefinder on the rock

The less you have to remember to do in a high stress situation like drawing back on a trophy class animal, the better. The last thing you want to do is have a bunch of additional steps to get the correct yardage.

#4 Weight of the Rangefinder

The fourth thing you should consider is weight. 

I like a lightweight rangefinder. This is important for hunting because that weight with all the gear can add up fast. I like to keep my rangefinder attached to my bino harness. The last thing I want is a bulky rangefinder hanging off my chest when I am drawing my bow back or even walking through the woods.

lightweight tidewe rangeFinder

I have also seen rangefinders with built-in magnets, which would be a perfect golf rangefinder. A nice lightweight rangefinder with a built-in magnet will stick to any metal frame of a golf cart.

#5 Price

The last thing you should consider is price point.  

Let’s face it, these days anywhere you can save a dollar without sacrificing quality is a hard thing to find. We all work hard for our money and the last thing we want to do is buy something mediocre. You can find rangefinders with a lot of these features, but most don’t have all of them packed into one.  

A rangefinder with all the above features around $200 dollars or less is a great deal in my opinion.

Final Thoughts for the Best Rangefinder

TideWe makes a rangefinder that checks all the boxes listed above!  

  • Ranges up to 700/1000 yards 
  • 6X magnification 
  • Features angle compensation 
  • Lighted and crystal-clear displays 
  • Lightweight and very user friendly 
  • Two color options: basic black and camo 
  • A built-in magnet for sticking on the golf cart 

Best of all, they are priced right between $99.00 to $169.99. That's a steal! It’s hard to find a best rangefinder in this price range with all these features packed into one.  

Pick one up today, you won’t be disappointed!


Ryan Fair

Ryan Fair

Ryan is an avid outdoorsman and photographer. He has been published in several different outdoor publications. He is most passionate about chasing whitetails, turkeys, and waterfowl. If he's not hunting you can find him on his boat somewhere with a rod in his hand. His main focus on writing is hunting and fishing tactics. He also enjoys writing gear reviews on products he believes in. 


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November 14, 2023 — Ryan Fair

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