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Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Perfect Rain Suit for Your Outdoor Adventures

The best rain suit for doing work outside is a thin suit you can wear over the top of your work clothing. At TideWe, we have the perfect waterproof layer to put over your clothing to keep you dry in the rain. This is a lightweight, cost-effective suit that will keep you dry and comfortable (not too hot!).

What is the best rain suit for working outside?

Consider The Purpose

Before you purchase a rain suit, you should know the primary reason for purchasing it. 

Maybe you are using it just to stay dry in a rainy forest while camping, or maybe you are using it as a camo rain jacket while hunting in the wild.

So, remember to keep the purpose in mind because different rain jacket comes with different weight and versatility options and a little mistake in choosing the rain suit can ruin your outdoor venture.

Getting 100% Waterproof Protection

The main purpose of every rain suit is its ability to keep you dry during rain, so if your rain jacket doesn't get any water on it, you should get it.

The TideWe Rain Suits and Camo Rain Suit give you 100% waterproof protection through their sealed seams, plus their non-woven fabric is made out of high-density polyester, which doesn't let the fabric absorb any water.

Ease And Comfortability

If you have worn a rain suit before, you would know how sweaty and hot it gets, even during windy weather. 

You need to look for a rain suit like TideWe's that offers you ease in breathing and keeps allowing water molecules to escape your rain jacket easily so you can stay dry and cool for a long period.

Easily Customizable 

When you are outdoors, having comfortable clothes should be one of the top priorities because everything else surrounding you isn't that comfy. 

So, opt for a rain jacket that offers you to customize it according to your preference. 

When getting a TideWe rain suit, you can change cuffs, waist, and hood according to your preference, so your rain jacket is a snug fit for you during your outdoor venture.

Disappearing In The Wilderness

As I said before in the guide, getting a camo rain suit is a must for you if you are a hunter.

Above all, think for a second about a camo rain jacket that helps you camouflage while offering the same features we discussed above.

TideWe's camo rain suit offers this to you, and it can easily double the outdoor fun you'll have and increase your chances of a successful hunt.

Should You Buy TideWe's Rain Suit

 There are many rain suit's out there, some might have some qualities we talked about above, and some might don't.

But if you want everything in one place, getting TideWe's Rain Suit is the right option for you.

TideWe's jacket is 100% waterproof, offers you two large-sized pockets to put your gear in, can be customized easily, keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable when you wear it, and prepares you for whatever nature has in store for you.