How to Set Up Your Hunting Blinds?

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Setting up your hunting blind doesn't need to be loud, cumbersome, and time consuming! The TideWe See-Through Hunting Blind makes setup a breeze and your time in the woods more enjoyable. Let's get you set up and watching for your next trophy!

The TideWe See-Through Blind comes in a bag with a drawstring top, similar to a camp chair. What separates itself from the competition is the fact that the bag is nice and roomy. No more fighting to get your blind shoved back in the bag at the end of your hunt, simply collapse the blind and slide it back into the bag! 

1. Unpack the Blind

The first step to setting up your blind is setting the bag on the ground and loosening the drawstring top. This will allow you to open the top of the bag and pull the blind out. 

the bag on the grass
Take out the blind

2. Pop Out the Hub and Walls

Once the blind is removed from the bag, spread out all four corners of the blind. Once the corners are spread out, you will want to find the very middle of the center hub of the roof. There will be a pull loop hooked to a ring. Firmly grasp that pull loop and upwards until the center roof of the hub pops out. Once the roof is popped out, walk around the blind and pop out each side wall. Each wall will have a similar hook and loop handle. Pull firmly outwards to pop out the side walls. 

Spread out four corners of the blind
Find the center hub of the roof
Pop out each side wall

3. Secure the Blind with Stakes and Cords

After all four walls are popped out, you are ready to secure your blind. Included are ground stakes.

There are also tent security cords included. Attach the cords to the side wall loops. Inside of the blind, each corner has a small loop at the base that the tent stake can be pushed through. This will secure the corners of the tent. You can then push stakes into the ground outside of the blind, attach the tent security cords, and cinch down using the sliding mechanism to tighten. Your blind will now stay put in windy conditions. 

Secure the blind with the cord and stakes

Enjoy the View with See-Through Panels

Now that your blind is set up, you can now bring in your TideWe blind chair and enjoy the chase of your next trophy. Once settled in, you will find yourself being able to see everything in front of you as the front and side panels are see through! The shooting windows of the tent are large and include a silent slide open and close to ensure you do not spook game.

See through view from inside

Effortless Take-Down and Storage

Once you are done with your hunt, take down is a breeze. Close all the windows but leave the door unzipped. Remove the stakes and return them to the included pouch. Put the pouch into the bottom of your blind bag. If you choose, you can leave the security cords attached, or you can remove them. To collapse your tent, simply follow the set up steps in reverse. Push in on each side wall at the middle hub handle, collapsing them one by one. Once all four walls are collapsed, push down on the roof hub handle, collapsing the roof. Pull in all four corners of the hub and lay it flat on the ground. Roll the hub like a sleeping bag. This will make the hub nice and compact and allow you to easily slide the hub into the bag, hubs first. Cinch the drawstring of the bag and you are ready to head out of the field! 

Pack the blind

Write to the End

Hunting out of a blind has never been more fun or easier! The See-Through Hunting Blind from TideWe allows the hunter to see everything that is going on around them while still being able to be quick, quiet, and mobile with its easy set up and takedown process. Check out the blind and see what you have been missing in the woods! 

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author: Cole Karsky

Cole Karsky

Cole Karsky is an avid outdoorsman who chronicles his adventures on the water and in the field on his YouTube channel, Beef Outdoors. 

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