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Learn More about Huning Gear for Women

How to Choose the Best Hunting Clothes for Women

Hunting and fishing are not just for men - they are women’s sports too! However, men’s clothing just doesn’t fit the bill for a woman’s needs. Women’s apparel is essential for the female sportswoman. It is designed to have the right fit and comfort every woman wants and needs to be successful.

Clothing to stay comfortable

If you cannot complete your hunt due to overheating or succumbing to the cold, you won’t be able to successfully harvest your game. Making sure you choose the right clothes for the conditions you find yourself in is crucial.

For waterfowl, you will most commonly want clothing that will keep you dry. Waterproof clothing that also can keep you both warm and dry is helpful.

When hunting whitetail deer, water-resistant clothing can be helpful. Yet, quiet and not noisy clothing is helpful as not to spook the game. Waterproof clothing can be a bit noisy, whereas water-resistant tends to be softer and quieter material.

For whitetail deer or other big game, having clothes that layer well is key. Since these hunts occur in both warmer and extreme cold, having clothes that will layer well will help you have the layers needed for prevailing temperatures. Lighter, breathable layers for early-season hunts. Base layers for when the temperatures start to drop. Medium-weight jackets or hoodies for mid-season temps. Heavier layers or heated hunting clothing for those late-season hunts when temperatures can be most brutal are important for staying comfortable.

Choosing the right camouflage

Choosing clothing with the right camouflage pattern for the dominant style of hunting can also aid in making you invisible to your desired game.

For waterfowl, you will most commonly want clothing that will provide the right camo to blend into your surroundings. Typically this may be more of a reed or stalk pattern to mimic the prevalent vegetation near lakes or marshes.

For whitetail deer or other big game, having clothes that provide the camouflage to blend into the tree cover will be best.

Clothing that aids in scent reduction

For certain big games, clothing that will reduce scent is also a plus. For games such as Whitetails, managing scent is a big plus. Making sure the clothing you pick can help to reduce or minimize odors can give you the advantage in those cases where winds may be swirling or sudden shifts may occur. Having clothing that will help to reduce the odors that are alarming to your game may give you the edge you need to be successful.

Boots that fit right for every occasion

Boots are important for any hunting or fishing trip. Having the right boots to keep your feet dry and warm is essential. Or, the right boot to keep you cool and dry in warmer climates.

Whatever the need, choosing the right boots with the right fit is essential.

Boots and clothing with women in mind

Whatever hunting you do, clothing built with a woman in mind is essential for any huntress or fisherwoman. TideWe has just that.

Check out the large variety of women’s apparel TideWe has for the female sportswoman who loves to hunt and fish!