TideWe Inferno Men's Camo Heated Hunting Jacket with Battery Pack

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  • 4 Carbon Nanofiber Heating Sheets offer faster, more expansive, and longer-lasting warmth
  • Heating up to 10hrs. Temperature up to 131°F
  • Heavy-brushed Polyester for a silent design 
  • Treated with DWR & TPU membrane to resist rain & wind
  • Natural cotton insulation
  • Design Patent: Back and Seat Full Heating System


The Inferno heated hunting jacket is perfect for hunting and staying out longer to help you become more successful. With incredible comfort and warmth due to its full heating system on the back, you can stay warm in any condition!

Long Lasting Warmth】With the powerful 10000mAh battery, you can enjoy up to 10 hours of heating at 100°F, 6 hours at 113°F, and 4.5 hours at 131°F, making sure you stay warm throughout the entire hunting trip.

Full Heating System】This jacket has four carbon fiber heating elements in the most effective areas, your chest and back. The back pocket is designed with a heated flap that can be used as a backrest or seat cushion. 

【Super Silent Fabric】The inferno hunting jacket is made of the heavy-brushed Polyester Tricot, ensuring quietness in the woods, which is crucial for those groundbreaking moments.

【Cotton Insulation】Insulated with cotton filling, the padded jacket will lock in heat for extra warmth and allow you to stay out longer, increasing your chances of a successful hunt. 

【Waterproof and Windproof】The soft surface of the Inferno jacket has been treated with DWR and combined with a high-tech membrane, making it waterproof and keeping you blocked from the wind. 

Multi-use Features】There are many functional features on our Inferno hunting jacket, including the anti-slip shoulder grip, two magnetically closed cargo pockets, adjustable wrist cuffs, an adjustable hood, and a safety harness port. 

Complete Concealment】NEXT G2 is the widest format of camouflage that can work all season long in multiple regions. The well-balanced mix of non-directional elements in these patterns allows it to perform in a wider range of terrains.

Light Turning off in 8s】The heating element indicator light will automatically turn off after 8 seconds. Keeping it hidden from the wild game while hunting.

10 Functional Pockets】The heated jacket provides great amounts of pockets. There are four chest pockets, two cargo pockets, two fleece-lined front pockets, one big back pocket, and one interior pocket for the included power bank. 

2 × Velcro chest pockets

2 × Zippered chest pockets

2 × Hand warmer pockets

2 × Big cargo pockets

1 × Interior pocket

1 × Big back pocket

Inferno Heated Hunting Jacket
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