Introduction of Area of Operation

Area of Operations Outdoors INC. specializes in getting Veterans, active-duty service members, law enforcement, and first responders outdoors. Area of Operations INC, host several hunting, fishing, and family gathering opportunities that allow our nation's heroes to enjoy the therapeutic qualities nature has to offer all while reminiscing with likeminded individuals and embracing the comradery with those who may have experienced tragic events in their line of duty, and in some cases suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

TN staff of Area of Operations, INC, hosted a hunting event in Columbia, TN, for some very lucky veterans and first responders on Nov 17th- 20th. It hosts 4-5 hunters and their families/caretakers. These Veterans come from all over the State, and some may even be from out of State. It's done via randomized drawing. 

members of Area of Operation

This veteran was one of the ones selected for this hunt. He brought it daughter along with for some much needed R&R. During this hunt he was able to tag out his buck tags for the first time. He was able to take this beautiful buck with his civil war musket named “Alice”. His story and his kind giving heart brought everyone to tears. The range finder he received will come in great use not only archery but with his historical hunting gear as well. His daughter is a wonderful example of young woman coming up in the hunting world and we can’t wait to see many more adventures with this duo as we welcome them as Tennessee staff and jr staffer. 

one of the veterans selected for this hunt
TideWe donated rangefinder for the hunt
members are checking with the deer


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