Hunter's Guide to Summer Deer Prep

Written by: Roger Mitchell



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Is there actually an off season for diehard whitetail deer hunters? A lot of people don't use this time to prepare for the next coming season but there's a lot that can be done still even in the summertime heat.

Early Stand Preparation

Tree stand placement starts now! This is a crucial time to know where your next set will be placed and get limbs and lanes trimmed out and started. This also helps the deer get used to this change in the area. I'm a firm believer in getting stands/blinds out by the end of the summer for the deer to get use to them. You can all get your stand set perfectly for early season hunts that can provide great coverage with all the foliage still on trees.

Mineral Sites: Attracting and Benefiting Deer

This is also time to start getting deer patterned to your stand area by placing mineral sites near your trails and stand locations. Even in most states that aren't allowed to bait during season you can bait in the off season and minerals are very beneficial for the heard in the summertime. We like to place a mineral site out starting in late spring as antler growth is beginning to develop in the Midwest. Minerals are also very beneficial for the doe in the herd as well.

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Summer Trail Camera Strategy

The summertime is also a great time to get trail cameras out on your deer trails and mineral sites to see what you have developing in your area. The bucks are all together now and usually supply you with some great intel on your heard! Our cameras usually get turned back on by June and stay on through the season. The earlier you can start to pattern a big buck the better, especially if you're battling with neighboring properties to hold the deer near you.

Off-Season Shooting Practice

Another huge thing is we continue to practice shooting all summer, especially archery hunting. This is a great time to be able to relax outside and sling some arrows. We like to make sure we are shooting from how we will be hunting this season, so if you elevated out of a stand we shoot that way. Or elevated from a ground blind or flat on ground, practice that way. Don't let your skill get rusty over the off season and come back to haunt you during the season.

Safety First: Replacing Tree Stand Straps

A huge thing to do for people that don't remove their stands is get out there and replace all the straps before season starts. Make sure to get out there at the end of the summer and remove them old straps and get new ones on them stands. It isn't worth it to trust them straps that are getting pulled into a tree, chewed on by squirrels and beat by the harsh summer heat.


These are just a few things we like to do to keep us ready for the upcoming season. We all know we are looking forward to be up in a tree and that crisp morning so let's be ready!


Roger Mitchell

Roger Mitchell is a renowned deer hunting specialist with decades of experience. Known for his innovative techniques and deep understanding of deer behavior, he advocates for ethical hunting practices and wildlife conservation, making him a respected figure in the hunting community.


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