Having a love and a passion for the outdoors goes a long way to having success in the field. In fact, the more time you spend in the field, the less you gauge your success upon harvesting an animal. You come to appreciate the scouting, planning, and pursuit of that trophy. In relative terms of hunting experience, I am new in terms of years spent doing this great sport. In fact, you readers have been along for the ride as I chronicled the story of my very first buck. What I may lack in years in the field, I have more than made up for lessons learned from mistakes I have made along the way simply because I didn't know. I am going to go through 5 tips that will help the new hunter enjoy this fantastic, lifelong sport.  

Tips for a New Whitetail Hunter: Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice this is the foundation of it all. It does not matter what weapon you choose, compound bow, crossbow, shotgun, rifle, or muzzleloader; you need to be proficient with the tool. You need to know every inch of that tool, like the back of your hand. Everything changes in the field or the tree. Every task you do on the range becomes a bit more challenging in a blind or tree stand. Practice loading, unloading, and safely handling your weapon. Practice shooting from all the positions you might encounter in the field. If you are going to shoot from a tripod in your TideWe ground blind, then make sure you shoot from a tripod at the range. You owe it to the animal to have proficient skills with the weapon of your choice to make an ethical and accurate shot.   

a whitetail hunter practices before hunting

Tips for a New Whitetail Hunter: Learn How to Dress for the Weather

Being warm, dry, and comfortable allows you to stay in the field longer and gives you a better chance to encounter that trophy you have been chasing. In one single day, you can encounter conditions that range from needing a heated jacket all the way to needing almost no layers. Fall is an amazing time of the year, but we need to be ready for it all. TideWe offers amazing hunting clothing that will not only keep you dry but also has heating elements integrated throughout so that you will remain warm even in the bitter cold that the rut often brings. My favorite piece in my kit is the Heated Vest. This allows me to ensure my core is warm without adding bulk around my arms. The Heated Vest is an item that comes into the field with me for every single hunt.  

a hunter wears Tidewe hunting clothes

Tips for a New Whitetail Hunter: Learn Scent Control

Whitetails have a keen sense of smell. So much so that it is estimated to be 500-1000 times more acute than a human's is; imagine what the world would be like if you could smell that well! That is why knowing where your scent is blowing is so important. Make sure the wind is right so that it is not blowing over their suspected travel path or their bedding area. A couple of steps I take to mitigate my gear having all the human odor is to air it out on the clothesline outside. I also spray it down with a scent-eliminating spray. Airing my gear out with the spray helps eliminate the human odor. Once I am done airing out the clothing, I store it in an airtight container. This ensures it will not smell like my house, truck, or garage but rather keeps the outside smell. 

blowing the scent on hunting gears

Tips for a New Whitetail Hunter: Scout Where You Plan to Hunt

Learning deer behavior and movements is an incredibly important step in being successful in the field. I have found that the preparation piece and planning are just as much fun as the hunt itself. There is something that is so self-fulfilling when you sit down to plan, and it plays out exactly how you were hoping. It truly is a moment you can be proud of yourself for. In tip number three, I mentioned it is important to make sure you know where your scent is blowing to; scouting your hunting area beforehand lets you know what the deer are doing, where they move to and from, and allows you to know when it is a good time to sit your selected location, or when to choose another spot because the wind isn't perfect. Be picky when you sit at your top spots.  

Tips for a New Whitetail Hunter: Have Fun!

Being able to enjoy the gifts Mother Nature has put in front of us is one of the greatest aspects of hunting. Remember these tips for anew whitetail hunter. Enjoy the little things. Enjoy every sunrise and sunset, every sip of coffee on a cold fall morning, every animal encounter you can witness, and every loved one you are able to spend time in the field with. Hunting is much more than just harvesting an animal. It is all one big adventure. Gear up, soak it in, and have fun! These are memories that you will cherish.  


Cole Karsky

Cole Karsky

Cole Karsky is an avid outdoorsman who chronicles his adventures on the water and in the field on his YouTube channel, Beef Outdoors.  


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October 23, 2023 — Cole Karsky
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