So maybe you are thinking about getting into bow hunting or possibly just purchased your first bow. Hunting season is right around the corner and you’re getting excited to get out into the woods. But you’re looking for some tips to help you become a better archer to be sure that you can be successful this fall. I’ve learned a lot over the past few years of getting into bow hunting and I want to share some of the tips I used to become better at shooting my bow to become a better bow hunter. Let’s get your bow hunting career started!


Tip #1: This first tip may seem a little simple or self-explanatory but, BOW MAINTENCE is a critical step into becoming a better archery hunter. Obviously, you want to be sure that you have all those kinks out before heading out for hunting season, that way you are not struggling with your gear in the tree. Shooting you bow is always putting stress on the strings and the important components attached to your bow. These tools are going to help you make accurate shots and making sure they are working properly is very important. Tightening down screws, waxing or replacing your bow strings, inspecting your cams, adjusting draw length and proper storage are all things that will set you up for success when it comes to crunch time. Proper maintence will also ensure safety when it comes to slinging arrows out of your bow.


Tip #2: This second tip may seem very self-explanatory too as well but PRACTICE. Practicing is going to give you that muscle memory that you need to be able to hold your bow still allowing you to make accurate shots. Target panic can be detrimental and can cause you to make bad shots. Working through that panic and practicing can ensure that it won’t happen to you out in the woods. Try to practice at heights that you will truly be hunting at rather than just off the ground. Put yourself in scenarios that will make it seem more like the real thing so you will be ready when the time comes. Practice makes perfect and that goes for almost every sport out there. Aim small and miss small and you will become a better archer!


Tip #3: Form is everything when it comes to shooting a bow properly. You want to be sure you have the proper grip and pull back to help with your accuracy and to prevent injury. Pulling your bow back can put a lot of stress/torque on your shoulder, but by using the proper mechanics you can use mechanical advantage to ease the stress and torque you put on your body. Start with your bow high but still vertical rather than starting low and pulling up. By doing this you will notice it will be a lot easier to draw back and you won’t have so far to move to your anchor point. Hold the bow lightly in your grip hand by pushing into the lifeline or crevice in your hand. You should be able to take all your fingers off the grip rather than death gripping the bow. By using a death grip, you sacrifice accuracy after the arrow leaves the bow pushing it left or right. We have a great detailed video on our YouTube channel explaining all of this if you’d like to check it out! Proper form will keep you safe from injury and be sure that you’re making a killer shot on that big buck!


Hopefully this helped give you some ideas to work on to becoming a better archery hunter, or even convincing you to buy a bow and get out there to try it! Bow hunting can be one of the most addicting sports and shooting your bow is half the fun of it. There is nothing more satisfying than putting everything together for a successful hunt that you’ve worked so hard for. Follow these tips and you will become better with that bow! Remember being great doesn’t happen overnight, put your time in and you’ll be right where you want to be! Good luck out there this season and stay safe!

September 06, 2022 — Operating TideWe

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